The three day tour about Keketuohai and tangbalake
Experience the vast ?and great beauty of Xinjiang; visit cocoa Sullivan distinctive; recalls the strong contribution made by Three pit for the country; we are the only country to see the rivers flowing into the Arctic Ocean, tasting grilled fish pond Lake Toba scenic features, so you have "fly "feeling.

Day 1 Urumqi [car] Keketuohai (one-way 550 kilometers, about 7.5 hours)
Breakfast: Yes Lunch: YES Dinner: YES Accommodation: Keketuohai
Early cocoa Sullivan Hotel Corps collection, traveling along State Road 216, via: Huoshaoshan, Karameh hoofed animal protection area, then you can have the opportunity to see protecting animals E.przewalskii national level. In Qiaku Er FIG lunch after the ride continue to the Keketuohai. [Cocoa Sullivan scenic tour (tour about 30 minutes), after Irene Wood Lake, arrived in Xinjiang, very cold, there is a year 7 months in the winter, even more than in Northeast Mohe snow --- Keketuohai town, after visiting Keketuohai proud people and the whole people of Xinjiang, the Chinese people's feats ground - Three pit (tour about 30 minutes), here unearthed tantalum, niobium, beryllium and other metals and non-metallic minerals, aerospace industry for the country to repay foreign debt, breaking the nuclear monopoly made an outstanding contribution. After moving Keketuohai hotel.

The first two days Keketuohai [car] pond Lake Toba (one-way 350 kilometers, approximately 5 hours)
Breakfast: Yes Lunch: YES Dinner: YES Accommodation: Tong Lake Toba
Keketuohai National Geopark is located irtysh morning ride to the Grand Canyon National Geopark [Keketuohai (tour about 3 hours), take the cable car along the way to enjoy the rich turtle stone, birch, couple trees, Shimen other attractions Visit Keketuohai famous landmark --- God Zhongshan, after along the Irtysh, (according to their physical) Irtysh foot deep canyon. Keketuohai beautiful scenery not only can food, mineral resources around it is also very rich, is the cradle of China's nonferrous metals industry, for the development of China's nonferrous metals industry has made tremendous contributions. After lunch, we went pond used Shuimogou scenic Lake Toba, where you can taste the authentic characteristics of wild fish pond Lake Toba, night stay at the hotel.

The first three days pond Lake Toba [car] Urumqi (one-way 750 kilometers, about 10 hours)
Breakfast: self Lunch: YES Dinner: Accommodation:
Ancient sea spa early to enjoy the beautiful sunrise pond Lake Toba, after traveling along State Road 216 through Qiaku Er diagram, Cameroon wood Manchester Wucaiwan return. After Wucaiwan finished lunch at their own expense to participate in [ancient sea spa (tour for about two hours, at their own expense), after the return to Urumqi, the end of a pleasant trip Keketuohai!

1. Pay attention to safety away from home, to remind please carry valuables, take good care of personal property and carry documents.
2. Stroke risk in various activities please pay attention to safety and capabilities.
3. Please bring rain, sunscreen, anti-bites supplies and commonly used drugs.
4. Park larger temperature difference between morning and evening, pay attention to add clothing.
5. Winter resorts Keketuohai average temperature of about -30 ° C, tourists into the area, please note weatherization.
6. ROAD SAFETY: Winter enter Keketuohai area, big slippery snow, in order to ensure personal safety, it is recommended to drive off-road vehicles, to ensure that the speed and the use of anti-skiing area, while doing other traffic measures, please keep an eye park resort Weather Forecast
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