Three veins

The shapes of No. 3 mine vein consist of bell shape of granite and gently inclined vein-like shape with their space form being like a straw hat. Its general shape stretches at the dip angle range of 310°-335°, and the stretching length is 2000 m. The trend is from south to west and 1500 m long at the dip angle range of 10°-40°.The bell shape of granite can be divided into 9 zones.?

veins ?. There are 80 kinds of symbiotic ore, mainly lithium, beryllium, niobium, tantalum, rubidium, cesium and other rare metals, including beryllium reserves ranking first in the world, this unique dikes for domestic and foreign rare. Precious stones such as emerald, aquamarine and emerald, amethyst, QUARTZ, garnet, tourmaline, etc. produced in the granitic pegmatite.
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