One hundred Fulong Hotel
Fuyun hundred Fulong Hotel is located in Purcell Jiangdong Road, surrounded by ICBC ATM machines, bookstores, cafes, supermarkets, KTV, etc., everything, beautiful environment, specialties more. Hotel rooms in the house with free WIFI, computers, mahjong table, the room clean and tidy, is your travel, tourism, travel, visit relatives and friends, the best choice of accommodation.
One hundred Fulong Hotel (total units): 0906-8722616One hundred Fulong Hotel (total units): 0906-8722616
One hundred Fulong Hotel (total units): 0906-8735888

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ADD:China Xinjiang Fuyun County Road 8 may be united management committee office
Operating Hours:09:00 - 18:00 2374326811?
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